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Fic: Brittany/Tina - Boobs - Rated R

Tina sighed as she stared at her naked body in the mirror. It didn’t look the way she wanted. She pinched some of the skin on her stomach. It was flabbier than she’d like. She watched her perfect blonde girlfriend come up behind her in the mirror. Brittany slipped behind Tina, slipping her arms around Tina’s waist, and pressing her naked breasts against Tina’s bare back. She linked her hands so they rested right above Tina’s neatly trimmed mound.

"Hey," Brittany whispered, kissing Tina’s cheek before resting her chin on Tina’s shoulder.

"Hey," Tina replied.

"Whatcha thinking about?" Brittany asked.

"I wish my stomach was flatter, and my boobs were bigger," Tina said.

Brittany slid her hands up Tina’s bare stomach smiling as Tina shivered at the contact. Brittany’s hands cupped Tina’s breasts.

"I think they’re perfect," Brittany whispered in Tina’s ear. "Just the right size."

*End cheesiness*

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  1. teamkarofsky said: Oh my god how did I miss this? I just started tracking brittina and wham!
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